Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars

Responsible for setting and implementing the look and feel of the UI as well as designing the overall user experience. Also responsible for setting the high level tone of the game and managing general art direction tasks. Managed a team of artists and programmers to take the project to open beta.


I created the intro video for the game using After Effects. There was a very tight turnaround time and very limited resources.


Look development
The original look I developed for the game was based on neon signs, being an iconic piece of imagery from Hong Kong. Over time it became apparent that the overall tone should be more arcadey and over the top so it was redeveloped in a short period of time into what is seen above.

This is a promotional piece created to help guide the new direction we wanted to go with for marketing.



Art Direction, Game Design, Motion Graphics, UI, UX


United Front Games, Square Enix